The latest business model in online retailing

Save time and effort for your business transactions with the automated procedure of recurring payments.

You receive automated transactions that take effect on a set date when you sign up for a subscription. This can be a fitness subscription, memberships and more.

Use the Payrexx tools to set up the debit interval, the subscription and the cancellation period for subscription payments and receive predefined amounts from your customers on a regular basis.

Advantages for you

As a merchant, you can benefit from various advantages.


Since this process is automated, you can save time from creating and sending invoices.


Setting up how a subscription payment is made can be done quickly and easily. 


You will receive regular payments from the customer and will not have to worry that the money will not be delivered to you.


Advantages for your customers

Your customers can also benefit from recurring payments.


Since payments are automated, your customers don't have to go through a long payment process.


Your customers can easily sign up for a subscription.


The strict PCI-DSS Level-1 guidelines ensure the safe arrival of the money.


Subscription payments with tokenization

Receive your funds constantly with another payment feature.

With tokenization, payment processes become more flexible and secure.

With tokenization, the credit card is saved and the card issuer can decide whether to approve or reject this payment when it is charged.

The card can be saved for an unlimited period of time and can be charged multiple times at any point.

Tokenizations can be used with various Payrexx tools: Pages, Paylink & Terminal.

You can find more information about the developer documentation here.


Subscription payments with Payrexx tools

With Payrexx's tools, you can collect membership fees or market other recurring payments at regular intervals.


Offer your product with Payrexx's mini online shop and receive the money, which is automatically debited at the date of your choice.


Customers regularly receive a payment request by e-mail with the payment link, with which payments can be made quickly and easily.


With Payrexx's donation page you can receive one-time donations but also monthly, quarterly and yearly payments.


With the virtual terminal, credit cards can be saved and charged at any time using tokenization.


Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Receive regular payments with WooCommerce, which can be integrated with Payrexx.


WooCommerce Subscriptions

You can use WooCommerce Subscriptions to create and manage physical or virtual products and services with recurring payments. Additionally, you get the possibility to add signup fees and also offer free trials or set expiration dates.

Click here to learn more about WooCommerce integration with Payrexx.


For various use cases

Easily receive subscription payments for various occasions with the Payrexx tools.

Use of a service

Receive recurring payments for various memberships with the Payrexx tools:

Example with a gym using the Pages tool:

  1. A gym offers subscription payments for members who want to use their service regularly.
  2. Online, the customer can select the desired subscription on the corresponding page.
  3. In the merchant backend this subscription is registered and the merchant regularly receives the payments for the fitness subscription.

Donation memberships

Receive regular donations for your non-profit organization.

Example with a non-profit organization with the Donation tool:

  1. A non-profit organization relies on the funds of its donors to implement various projects.
  2. Online, they can access the prepared donation page and select an amount to be donated each month.
  3. The non-profit organization then regularly receives the specific amount of the donation, which is then also registered in the merchant backend.